TITAN SOLID flooring is

crafted from the highest quality

Pennsylvania White Oak trees,

selected for its height and girth to

produce the type of width and

lengths that make our floors

extraordinary in every way.


Each floor is custom milled and

made-to-order for every individual project.


Boards are cut through

the center of the massive logs,

a technique called live sawing, which

exposes a book- matched look with

the center of the tree running through

the length of the board with wide open

cathedral grain mixed with tighter

vertical rift and quarter graining

on the edges.


It is the most articulate expression of

a tree’s life cycle & growth pattern.




To produce TITAN, M A D E R A

works with a family-run mill which has

been managing and protecting a wide

swath of land in the Allegheny Plateau

for the past three generations.


TITAN is made from mature

White Oak trees that need to be

properly harvested for the overall

health and diversity of these

magnificent forests.


The White Oak trees themselves

are part of the ecological restoration

of western Pennsylvania, an area

largely clear-cut during the

mid 19th century oil boom. 


The logs are sawn and milled

using the highest quality equipment, 

yielding precise milling on exceptionally

long planks that are up to 16 feet14” wide

TITAN SOLID finishes over 1-1/8” thick.


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